How to make Razer Naga Macros

Hey guys Im back with another tutorial on how to make macros with the Razer Naga. On my last video people were asking so I thought I would show them. Enjoy :D Where to purchase: Drivers, AddOns, Firmware, and Manuals: Please leave a comment on what you would like to see next. Thanks everyone.

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  1. MADdaDJ says:

    This mouse rocks!

  2. penguin0114 says:

    Im pretty sure there isn’t but you can download other program to do macros..

  3. TheTbbdd says:

    while ingame press esc then go to keybindings, find laugh or taunt or whatever you want to rebind then change it to yoir naga key that you want. i suggest using it on NUM mode(there’sba switch underneath the mouse) because it will interfere with your items.

  4. Austin092120 says:

    Ermm i dont really get what your trying to say but Ill keep on readin over it till i understand ;)

  5. TheTbbdd says:

    For things like laugh and that you can do that ingame, what I’ve done is set the 12 keys to numpad form(under the mouse where it says NUM) and then go to options, find keybindings and then you can change it from there. Click on the action and then click the key you want. For exampe: find Laugh click on primary binding and click on the fith key(or anykey you want it to be). Tell me if this helps

  6. Austin092120 says:

    Well can you atleast tell me how to?

  7. TheTbbdd says:

    Also, you can use it for quick calling things like, MIA and RE or even for laughing in the enemies faces after killing them. I have it so that my laugh and taunt is bound to the mouse. It can annoy the enemy enough to make them take risks that don’t usually turn well for them.

  8. TheTbbdd says:

    you’d need specialised macro’s for it since every champion is different along with gameplay mechanics, Some champions shouldn’t do all abilities at once and some wont allow you to use all at once(channel abilities). I honestly believe it isn’t worth it. Just learn to use the abilities as fast as possible and maximise the effect of them in the team fights.

  9. Austin092120 says:

    For m naga epic can i make macros for LoL? I want to be able to use all my abilities with one press of a button on my mouse… is that possible?

  10. griffinjackson413 says:

    Why doesn’t the Razer Lachesis have anything except 1 driver under downloads but that naga has like 50

  11. griffinjackson413 says:

    Someone said that it has no recoil/ macro for all fps option is this true?

  12. griffinjackson413 says:

    Can i do this with Razer Lachesis. Also where do i find product number? I can only find serial number on box.

  13. LaxBros7311 says:

    this mouse is so twitch happy

  14. Oliverpebh8 says:

    Please help me!!! I have downloaded the driver for the razer naga 2012.. And i have tried to connect the naga with USB to my computer… But for some reason it says its downloading or whatever.. And it fails because it cant find the driver? Please help!!!

  15. Jsten16 says:


    Do you even lift?

  16. LOLWaykeLOL says:

    Software on razer has been awful forever

    How dare they say for gamers serious If you want a Keyboard that works with all its functions buy anything else if you want a Mouse that works with its software buy anything else

    RAZER is overpriced over advertised underdeveloped crap honestly wtf CLOUD settings for a Keyboard and mouse HOW HIPSTER why not have it so you need an IPHONE PLUGGED IN ASWELL otherwise the KEYBOARD OR MOUSE REFUSES TO WORK


  17. Clay Vs Felt says:

    What did he use to record this

  18. ghty102 says:

    how do you get to the razer program that you are using to make the macros?

  19. TheSauuron says:

    can you make a macro tutorial on synapse 2.0 latest version?

  20. john bradshaw says:

    make more vids

  21. Mr15Vinsanity says:

    How would you record the macro for the spells on your hot bar?

  22. goonsmile says:

    does the buttons on the mouse act exactly as the keyboard, for instance if i macro a button on the mouse to be the ‘Ctrl’ button on the keyboard and then held the button down on the mouse, would it registering me holding Ctrl down or would it just register that i hit the Ctrl button???

    im basically wanting this mouse to use in a 3D program where i need to hold buttons down as opposed to just clicking a button. 

  23. Viewer1721 says:

    why does this video never load?

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